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Award winners:

Hooked on Insanity Works For Me!

The Wymsey Chronicle

Wig Musings

One Family's Journal

Canadian Country Gifts Online Magazine

Make My Kids Calm Down!

Jeanni Brosius


Out of thin (cyber) air

Queen Can-ivore's World

Marian Holbrook

Lynette Is Funny!

The Humor Doctor

Irv Eisenberg's Long Island Sleuth

 Bubba's Ozark Mountain Redneck E-zine

 Tim Bete

 Big Bubba's Web Page

The Mule's Redneck Graphics

 Georgia "Jawjah" Richardson, the Queen of Experiences

 Ham and Beans

Jelly Mom!

Here There Be Mice

The following are awards I've won.
I'm extremely proud and grinnin' like a 'possum!!

I Am A Proud Member Of:
Phenomenal Women Of The Web®

JustLaugh.com's 2002 Best Non-Syndicated Humor Columnist Weenie Award

ProgressiveRevelations.com's 2003 Humor Columnist Survivor Winner - Gravel Gertie

The Net Wits.org Humor Award

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