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Gertie's List of 30 Fun Things to do on Halloween

ß Boo, Y'all!

Ain't got nothin' to do? Well, I wanna give y'all some idears on things to do just in case you get bored on Halloween.

  1. Play country music with a your armpit and a simple straw
  2. Tip some cows
  3. Light a fart in someone's honor
  4. Take your cousin Snipe huntin'
  5. Watch Hee Haw reruns
  6. Find a dark hall that echoes and yodel
  7. Go to Walmart and buy some mouse traps for stocking stuffers
  8. Fry up some pickles, sliced Spam, and wash em down with a Coke and some peanuts
  9. Take a date to the county fair
  10. Have a pasture party
  11. Teach a youngun how to make purty noises with his armpit
  12. Start a debate on what wine would go with chitlins and collards
  13. See who can sing the most Elvis songs
  14. Weave a crown out of kudzu
  15. Have a tobaccy spittin' contest
  16. Take down the wasp nest from the living room light fixture and use it for bait
  17. Go frog giggin'
  18. Watch the bug zapper for a spell
  19. Go to the dump and shoot rats
  20. Go to the dump and find Uncle Cletus a Christmas present
  21. Pick out a new bumper sticker for your bowling ball
  22. Put a gun rack on Junior's bicycle
  23. Install a tire swing in Junior's room
  24. Blindfold a friend and play 'guess-the-appliance' in Uncle Ralph's yard
  25. Catch some new catfish and crawdads for the aquarium
  26. Shop for another personalized "Bubba" belt buckle
  27. Get some pork rinds, beer, tissue, and watch that great love story, "Deliverance"
  28. Write a letter to your congressman requesting that "Free Bird" be the national anthem
  29. Buy a new magazine for the bathroom
  30. Sing along with Roger Miller

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