Gertie Takes On Telephone Solicitation!

By: Gertie (Angela Gillaspie © October 2001)

I don't know about y'all, but I'm so mad I could just about spit! Here recently I throwed my back out, so I've been spending more time in the house sittin' in my recliner watching The Price is Right. Since I've been inside more, I've noticed how much my phone rings during the day. Purt-near all of the callers are citified pests lookin' to sell me something over the telephone.

You can always tell it's one of them solicitors when you answer the phone and you hear a pause, then a click, and then a bunch of noise in the background. And next, some feller mispronounces your name, "Hi there, Mrs. Grail-vey?"

Heck far, if they're gonna interrupt my daily price guessing with Bob Barker, you'd think they'd at least say my name right!

What really bugs me is the poor excuse for crap they're selling. The worst is:

I was thinking, why can't they sell something I actually want or need? Why can't they sell stuff like:

Telephone solicitors serve no purpose except to take money from us. This ain't sales it's AGGRAVATIN'! There ain't no excuse to buy anything from someone who makes a job out of driving folks crazy. Where do they find these people? Do they run an ad in the paper sayin', "Only good-fer-nuthin-no-count need apply"? Are they revenooers moonlighting in the off-season? Did persistence come naturally, or did they learn it by watching them panhandlers at the airport? Dang! They're like a booger you can't thump off.

What can you do?

And lastly, you can tell them in detail what they've interrupted. In my case, I usually raise my voice a couple of notches and loudly reflect on the thrilling memory of guessing the price of Jif™ peanut butter within five cents. Sigh, if I'd only been on The Price is Right show, that gorgeous dark green hopped-up 1975 Vega would've been mine.

Here are some links, info, and tips on how to handle them soliciting varmints:

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