Southern Toiletries

By: Gertrude Butterbean (c) 2006 All Rights Reserved

The bathroom, privy, boudoir, powder room, restroom, library, amen corner, wash room, toilet, potty, head, council room, chamber room, Water Closet (WC), Clyde's "Control Station," Gertie's "Holy of Holies," lavatory, comfort station, or whatever else y'all call it, is one of the most important rooms of the house. A Southerner keeps some of his or her most private and favorite things in there.

Wonderin' what's missing from your bathroom? What does Gertie and Clyde have in their shared boo-dwar? Well, get to readin'!

Bein' a woman, I know what is needed to keep clean and purty. Here's a few things off the top of my head...

Clyde said that fellers need to have all this stuff in their "control rooms":

Now if y'all have to share a bathroom - like Clyde and I do - then you need to know what to have for the perfect his 'n her bathroom:

Okay, now you have it. And if you need more information about woman stuff, don't ask me, just go to aisle 8A and holler for help. Heh.

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