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Take a break, grab a glass of sassafras tea, and get to clickin' - I have stories about Mother's Day, silly sick kids, gardening fertilizer, how to hang your toilet paper, pickin' poke salad, secrets about pies, and more to choose from!

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southern angel's humor
  • Mother's Day is a nice holiday, but it isn't like those cushy weekday government holidays, so what exactly are the Merits of Mother's Day?
  • With the flu comes the power of germ warfare. Read more in A Tale of Sick Kiddies!
  • Fishing on TV is too complicated and it ain't how I was taught. Read on to learn all about Backwater Fishin' Zen!
  • Gertrude Butterbean delves into the Great Toilet Paper Debate!
  • It's scary living in Tornado Alley during the spring, but when you get trapped a small basement room with relatives, it's downright frightening! Read about my Relative Air Pressure!
  • Deciding what and when to plant, and which plant to put it next to could be the difference between fat happy squash or shriveled sad squash. You'd be surprised at all the Garden Fertilizer that's out there for you!
  • What makes me tick? Read about my Hillbilly Heritage!
  • food humor and recipes
  • Sassafras tea was America's first tea. Read all about it in: Sassy Sassafras
  • Summertime in Alabama signals that it's time to go Pickin' Berries
  • Down here in the South, you can't go a mile down the road without passing a barbecue joint or a church. Ever wonder why? Well, grab some iced tea and wet wipes cuz it's gunna git messy! "The Lord and Barbecue" A nostalgic (and goofy) look at all the wonderful stuff corn offers.
  • Surely you didn't think that was just plain innocent pie? Didn't you know that Momma performed Pie Therapy on you?
  • Springtime is poke salad time! Read why these greens are the Versatile Veggie.
  • It is almost Mother's Day and I made a list of my favorite food to eat ... My Mother's Day Menu!
  • inspirations and devotions
  • That early spring Sunday began with eggs, biscuits, gravy, and prayer when we set off to do our Chores of the Heart
  • The power of being held by a loved one can soothe the tempest of pain and fear. "Hold Me"
  • In every mom's life, there are times when we worry, and what's most comforting is that we're In His Hands
  • In our current day, idols are no longer made of stone. They range from electronics to living beings, and present us with a quick fix to overcome the obstacles and temptations that we think we need - no one can serve two masters. What Will Be Your Legacy?
  • For more inspirational stories, visit my INSPIRATION PAGE.
  • For info on God's true love, read my "Sinner's Prayer" page.
  • more stuff!
  • Who is Southern Angel? Is she nuts? Where'd she come from? Find out in A History of Southern Angel
  • For down-to-earth, straight from the armpit free advice, y'all need to meet our own Southern know-it-all, Gertrude Butterbean (aka Gravel Gertie), and read her Wisdom from the Salt Lick!
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  • southern humorists we cover the south like kudzu


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