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Ah Food! Food can nourish your body, bring a family together, comfort a broken heart, soothe PMS symptoms, act as a romantic interlude, and can even be used as a weapon. I don't know about you, but this multi-functional culinary item makes my heart sing and my soul glad. If you are like me though, sometimes putting together a menu is about as fun as scrubbing the bathroom floor. Ugh.

What to do? First, look through my recipes so that you can pick and choose items for your menu. Second, while you bake, broil, fry, and marinate, get a giggle as you read my food funnies!

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  • All of my life I have been chicken of dumplings and I didn't know the difference between Northern chicken and dumplings and Southern chicken and dumplings. Do you?
  • Down here in the South, you can't go a mile down the road without passing a barbecue joint or a church. Ever wonder why? Well, grab some iced tea and wet wipes cuz it's gunna git messy! "The Lord and Barbecue"
  • America's first tea was sassafras tea. Find out more about Sassy Sassafras
  • Delicious, inexpensive, and easy describe bacon grease. Check out my "Ode to Bacon Grease" article -- with recipes!
  • With fall here, it's Tailgatin' Time! Click on over for tips, recipes, and antics that defy description!
  • With a death, there's Much Ado about the Food
  • Summertime in Alabama signals that it's time to go Pickin' Berries
  • Fried Chicken, it's a Southern Thang. Why? Click here to read "The Fowl of the South"
  • Bean Legislation: An emotional "town meeting" on an explosive topic ... beans.
  • Living High on the Stalk: A nostalgic (and goofy) look at all the wonderful stuff corn offers.
  • Talking 'Bout Corn: Here's a humorous discussion about corn
  • When I was researching corn, I found that folks around here get really uptight about their cornbread. Read more about this mysterious Southern Cornbread Controversy
  • Can you make Good Gravy? I hope so cuz it's the key to a harmonious home!
  • Love Southern Biscuits? Well, get some jelly and read Biscuits: The Heavenly Bread.
  • After Easter, my house has a really funky smell. I had a Devilish Egg Encounter
  • Surely you didn't think that was just plain innocent pie? Didn't you know that Momma performed Pie Therapy on you?
  • They're green, good for you, and look like pond scum - I had A Close Encounter of the Collard Kind!
  • I never knew that brown bananas could bring on such guilt. Bananas: The Good, The Bad, and The Pudding
  • Poke Salet is the Versatile Veggie.
  • When I'm Stringin' Beans my mind wanders to all kinds of interesting places.
  • Everywhere you look is a lush green nomadic wanderer trying to take over the South. Is Kudzu our Friend? Foe? Or is it a Food?
  • I have The Homegrown Tomato Blues! For months I endured the plastic bland tomatoes from my local grocery store, and this summer I'm gonna do something about it.
  • Ah, the versatile and lovable grilled cheese! Check out Gertie's ideas for this cheesy culinary delight!
  • Apple Recipes: Fall means that it's APPLE SEASON! Click here for some wonderful apple recipes and links!
  • Recipes

  • Online Recipe Book: Gillaspie's Recipes
  • What can you do with that luscious bacon grease? Check out my Bacon Grease Recipes!
  • Gravy Recipes: Wipe yer mouth and click here!
  • For the Mother of all biscuit recipes, here's Momma's famous Biscuit Recipe
  • Spring Time Recipes I: Fresh, quick, and yummy recipes to help you feed the masses during the craziness of all those spring sports!
  • Spring Time Recipes II: There are so many spring vegetables and fruits to play with during this time of year, so here are some breakfast, lunch, and supper ideas for y'all!
  • Just in time for summer: Tomato Recipes
  • Can you actually eat Kudzu? Yes! Check out these Kudzu Recipes!
  • A Mid-Summer Southern Supper: A menu idea for those fresh mid-summer veggies
  • During the summer, we have zucchini practically coming out of our ears! I've found some Zucchini Recipes (some old - some new) that use this squash in all kinds of yummy ways!
  • July recipes: Here are some great ideas for your independence day celebration
  • Corn recipes
  • Girl Scout Cookie Recipes: Do you have 42 cases of Girl Scout cookies and don't know what to do? I have great ideas, recipes, and tips!
  • Candy Recipes
  • Cookie Recipes
  • Pie Recipes: Oh yum, check them out!
  • Bundt Cake Recipes: Loads of these recipes here!
  • Banana Pudding Recipes: Have ripe bananas? Try these ideas!
  • Easter Recipes: When it's time to celebrate the resurrection and you don't know what to cook, check these out.
  • It was nearing Mother's Day and I sat down and wondered, "What would be the perfect day-long menu for my Mother's Day?" Click on over to see my drool-fest Mother's Day Menu!
  • Thanksgiving recipes: Click here - you'll be thankful! :o)
  • Christmas Snack Recipes I: Oh yum! Lookie here!
  • Christmas Snack Recipes II: Yes, I have more Christmas cooking' for y'all.
  • Christmas Sweets Recipes
  • Fall is the best time to Tailgate and I have some GREAT Tailgatin' Recipes!
  • Got bunches of beef? Plenteous poultry? Leftover liver? Surplus squirrel? Overflowing with possum? Passed-by pork? Well y'all better get to stewin'!
  • After a cold day at school or work, the best thing to come home to is a big hug from Mom and a over-flowing bowl of home-made soup. Check out these delicious "Soup Recipes"
  • Ground Beef Recipes: "I have a pound of ground beef and no more ideas, what can I make for supper?" I have ground beef help!
  • Chicken Recipes I: Everything Mexican to Italian to plain ol' Southern chicken recipes!
  • Chicken Recipes II: Even more chicken recipes! Great for leftovers.
  • Bologna Recipes: Bologna? It's not just for breakfast any more! Click here for the bounty of bologna recipes.
  • Dumpling Recipes: Want dumplings? I got a bunch!
  • With work, school, kids, and other fun stuff, you're tired and just don't have time to cook, clean up, much less eat! Try these quick make-ahead recipes: Quick Make Ahead Recipes!
  • Got a hankerin' for something south of the border? Here are my favorite Mexican Recipes

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