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Sheila Moss, The Tennessee Firefly at HumorColumnist.com
Down Home Magazine - History, Humor, Culture, and Tall Tales of the South Just Laugh
Doug Powers: The Powers That Be W. Bruce Cameron: "8 Rules For Dating My Daughter", and "A Dog's Life" Here's the the pilot's perspective of humor and other vagaries of life, check out This is Your Captain Speaking which contain a series of tales that, while amusing and lighthearted, give one reason to pause and think.
Visit Bill's Bilge for Bayou Bill's short stories, chapters from his novels, the occasional odd thought or observation plus any other bilge that comes to mind. Mad Kane's Humor Columns & Song Parodies: featuring news spoofs, political humor, marriage, law, work, music, technology & computers, the media, money, travel, and government. Melvin Durai's Humor Column: Life is so funny!
Dave Glardon's Reality for the Enlightened Progressive Revelations for Humor Columnist Survivor Carole Moore's TheHumorWriter will make you laugh out loud!
Shana Moore often asks: Why IS That? Click over and see why! B. Elwin Sherman Rick and Bubba: Southern Radio Silliness
Religious 'Far Side'-type cartoons - your prescription for laughter! Get your dose of GOOD MEDICINE! Marvel Goose's Down-home Humor
Joe Ditzel has some problems. Aford Turtle the best turtle comic strip on the web! Rusty Mag's Quips and Quotes
AFunny.com Find tons of fresh funny jokes, blonde jokes, practical jokes, joke of the day and more such funny stuff at Funnyjoke.net The Humor Source - a HUGE database of funny pictures, jokes, websites, downloads, headlines and more! Submit your own comments and votes - daily updates and newsletter.
Want some fancy drawers? See Lisa at Bloomers 4U!

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