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Flirting With Disaster

By: Angela Gillaspie, 2005-2009 © All Rights Reserved

Several years ago my daughter Ashley played on the seven- and eight-year-old soccer team. We practiced on a field beside the elementary school and right next to this field was a major highway and with a 5pm practice time, a lot of traffic drove by.

It was close to the end of the school year and I'd had a really hard time getting and keeping the kids' attention. At a recent practice, I split up my team to practice shooting at the goal and practicing goal keeping. Traffic was creeping by as it usually did, when suddenly this guy in a pick up truck started honking and waving at me.

I stared at him thinking, "That poor old redneck, if he could see me closer he'd realize that I'm just an old soccer bag with a whistle around my neck."

Hoping that he would stop, I ignored him and motioned for the kids to run through the drill again. The Mad Waver, refusing to be ignored, opened the sliding rear window, stuck his hand out, and continued waving wildly.

"Hmm," I blushed, "I must look kinda good out here in my sweaty and stained tank top."

I smoothed my hair a bit as he kept waving and waving. Finally, I twirled my fingers in a small hello-would-you-go-away-now wave to him.

That made him wave even harder.

By now all of the kids stopped kicking and waved at The Mad Waver. One of the kids on my team, Sara, hollered, "Oh hey! That's my dad!"

That's nice. Okay, so he wasn't flirting, he was just waving. I blushed again.

We waved one more time and then I got the kids' attention back to practice. As soon as we began, we heard a loud BOOM. Sara's dad rear-ended the brand-new sports car in front of him.

All of us stood motionless on the soccer field and stared at Sara's dad. He got out of his pick up, adjusted his large straw hat, turned to us, and & waved.

Soccer drills were forgotten and police procedure was discussed at length. Luckily, there wasn't any damage to either vehicle or the occupants. The dust on the sports car's bumper wasn't disturbed, but I can't really say the same thing about practice.

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