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Hi! Welcome to Southern Angel's Sports Humor Page

Sports Humor Quick Clicks:

Football Humor

  • There aren't too many football widows here in the South because we love The Thrill of the Game
  • My oldest son is playing tackle football for the first time. In my opinion, it's all Unnecessary Roughness
  • Hoo boy, I'm out of my league - the youth football league, that is. What exactly makes these football coaches so mean? Read more in All Hail the Fierce Football Coach!
  • Boys love football and girls love football players, click here to see the defensive strategies that only 10- and 11-year-old boys can come up with in my Pass Interceptions piece!

    Other Sports Humor

  • Think wrestling is funny? Visit this Wrasslin' Humor!
  • Is racing a death wish? Are Southerners brave or just stupid? Well, click on over to my "For the Love of Sports" and get the answers to these burning questions!
  • Are some people born to be jerks or do they practice in front of a mirror? Read Congenital Jerks for the scoop!
  • With my boys beginning to play contact sports, I'm having to learn all about those Masculine Appliances
  • I'm fed up with parents going berserk at youth soccer games, read Competition: Friend or Foe? and see what you can do.
  • Sports Fans Beware! This page offers everything you wondered about sports!
  • Fishing on TV is too complicated and it ain't how I was taught. Read on to learn all about Backwater Fishin'!
  • Soccer Humor 'n Stuff

  • Many odd things have happened to me over the 10+ years I've coached soccer. One memory is very flattering (in some sick psychotic way) when I found myself Flirtin' with Disaster!
  • Coaching youth soccer and don't know what to do? I've got drills and advice!
  • I've been injured on the soccer field. Read about my sprained ... ah ... chest part in Safety Cups!
  • Are the kids on your child's playing field bullying him? Give him these fun Soccer Kid Comebacks!
  • In the fall of 1997, my oldest child and only daughter Ashley had her first soccer game and I worried because she was The Tender Gender. Little did I know we'd both become raging soccer maniacs.

    Gertie's Sports Humor

  • Gertie tackles football!
  • Gertie has a NASCAR Glossary!
  • Gertie visits Talladega! On Page 1 she shows her true feelings about Tony Stewart and Dale Junior, plus helps out on pit road.
  • Gertie visits Talladega! On Page 2, she sits on pit wall, takes Terry LaBonte's car for a spin, and fusses at Jeff Gordon's mechanic.
  • Gertie visits Talladega! On Page 3 she REALLY checks out Jeff Gordon.
  • Gertie Goes Snipe Huntin' with Beer Can Bob™!
  • Gertie hunts feral dogs, Part I - "The Trip to Red Clay"
  • Gertie hunts feral dogs, Part II - "Shootin' the Moon"
  • Gertie hunts feral dogs, the conclusion: Part III - "Trappin' Them Thangs"

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