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Gertie Goes Snipe Huntin'
with Beer Can Bob™


The other day, my buddy Beer Can Bob™ paid me a social call. We spent most of the day talkin' politics and when evenin' rolled around, I asked him if he'd like to try his luck snipe huntin'. Being the adventuresome type, he got all excited.

I took ol' Beer Can Bob™ with me out in the woods to a place where I recently heard snipe stompin' and hollerin'. I described what they looked like and how mean they got when you sing disco. I showed him how to call em and how to flush em out from under the brush, "You gotta make the right 'phhhbbbbbttttt' sound and they'll come runnin'," I said. Since I had chickens to feed, I left him out there with his snipe sack for a while.

It was almost dark when I got worried and went to collect him. The poor thang - I found him shaking and cowering in some briars. Right when I reached to untangle him, I heard a real loud "tuh-tuh-tidder-tidder-TUH!"

Lord have mercy! Beer Can Bob™ explained to me that my neighbor off in the distance was singing Kung Fu Fighting real loud while she was hoeing. Whoof, it made them snipes mad! Up yonder at the top is a picture of the two of us hiding beneath the pine trees until Bobbye Joyce shut up and the snipes calmed down.


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