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Hi! Welcome to Southern Angel's Holiday Humor Page

Holiday Humor Quick Clicks:

Christmas Humor

  • What did your True Love give to you this Christmas? Back in 1999 with an 8yo, 6yo, and 3yo underfoot, I got loads of "special" gifts for My 12 Days of Christmas
  • I've put together a bunch of Christmas stories, funnies, recipes, shopping ideas, crafts, and more! Visit my Christmas Page!
  • Time to unpack the Christmas decorations because It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
  • Sweet, Sweet Christmas: Christmas is the sweetest of all holidays. No other time of year will you find so many candy canes, pie and cake dotted tables, and tins overflowing with every kind of cookie imaginable.
  • This year do you want to buy practical gifts? Me too! Read my: Practically Christmas!
  • Christmas parades are fun, even more so when you're in them! Read on about my Angelic Encounter!
  • This time of year, most of us get all sentimental remembering Christmases past. Clackers, aluminum trees, Sea Monkeys and more! Read all about these in my: A Retro Christmas.
  • I love to cook, but combine the stress of the holidays, a new recipe, a huge ego, and three kids underfoot and you get "The Great Christmas Cookie Disaster!"

  • Valentine's Day Humor

  • Pregnancy brings out strong emotions, pair that with Valentine's Day and a stinky litter box and you get my Litter Love Poem
  • Are you in the mood for love? Here's the spot for you! There are funny stories, quotes and recipes to make your heart grow fonder. All this and more is on my Love Page.
  • Thanksgiving Humor

  • Thanksgiving is a special holiday with all the food, fellowship, and hungry relatives. Read about my past Thanksgivings "holler-day" in Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving!
  • How did my Thanksgiving go with that fancy minivan we rented for the trip? I'm just glad I'm a humor writer. Read on about: For Whom the Horn Blows!
  • When the end of October arrived, I hoped I'd get a rest, but little did I know what was Lurking JUST Around the Corner!

  • Other Holidays

  • Mother's Day is a nice holiday, but it isn't quite one of those cushy weekday government holidays, so what exactly are the Merits of Mother's Day?
  • Chocolate? Flowers? A bath (alone)? What Do I Want for Mother's Day?
  • Is Labor Day about labor? Why celebrate work? Find out by reading The Labors of Labor Day.
  • Fall is great with all the colors, hayrides, pumpkins, apples, and falling leaves! What's your favorite part of Glorious Fall?
  • Back when I was young, Halloween was so simple. There wasn't any occult hoo-doo scary stuff, but just obnoxious silliness and fun. Read more in Trick or Treat - Smell My Feet.
  • Wanna be scared? Wanna laugh *and* scream? Read about my Terrifying Tale.
  • Ever watch the "World's Scariest Places" reality show? I did. Once. Click on over to An American Redneck in London to see what it would be like if a family of Southerners visited a haunted castle!
  • Sometimes hand-me-down furniture ain't as comfortable as they should be. Read on about the Haint of the Stained Davenport
  • What a nightmare! Darlene just wanted to exchange her jeans at the Marty-Mart ... see what happens in this tale of horror at the Discount Store Terror!
  • Can absence make the heart grow fonder? It sure makes the teeth grow longer, the hair thinner, and other stuff. Pet-Pet misses her Booger - who has been locked away in the Georgia Big House. See: Pet-Pet's Lament
  • I had a dream - or did I? See what it's like to be A Redneck Ms. American!
  • We've all heard of Urban Legends, but I've got some Suburban Legends to share!

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