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Parenting Humor

  • CSI: Momma - She knows whodunit!
  • At first I thought bananas were nutritious and yummy, but little did I know there was a dark side to these simple Bananas.
  • My kids handled the loss of their goldfish, "Tiger" really ... uh ... strange. Read about it Angel's very controversial piece: Funeral for a Friend.
  • "One baby to rule them all, one mom to find them, and one ring for them to fight over and with magic markers they try to redesign them." ~Lord of the Stacking Rings.
  • Once upon a time, there was a little kitty named Goofy Noodle that was so so so ... goofy! Click on over and read my first attempt writing a children's story!
  • With the flu comes the power of germ warfare. Read more in A Tale of Sick Kiddies!
  • After dreaming of Barbie Dolls, I wondered how I could keep them off our endangered species list in: The Bountiful Barbie Dream.

  • Delights of Males

  • Why do Moms mistrust Dads so much? Find out why in A Mom's Paranoia.
  • They bark, eat off the floor, chase the mailman, and can wreck a room in less than 15 seconds. Puppies, right? Yes and no. Find out more in The Varmint Revelation.
  • Growing up with two sisters has me at a huge disadvantage for raising boys, but as time goes by, I see that they're partly made of Sugar, Spice, and Puppy Dog Tails.
  • How I wish my bathrooms had Solitary Occupancy.
  • One daughter ("Princess Punches") and THREE sons ("Matches," "Gasoline," and "Lucky Strike") together make a colossal Spontaneous Combustion.
  • I've just about had all I can take with street gangs, uh, I mean playgroups. Read "The Neighborhood Boys" to see whazzup and who's nuts!
  • Love can be found by stomping on someone's foot - read the story of a four-year-old's first love in "Nicky's Love Story."
  • Am I too overprotective of my 3-year-old at the pool? You decide: The Adventures of Super Nicky!
  • My preschooler wanted candy, I said no. Read about the aromatic gift he left for me in "A Surprise for Mommy!"
  • Did I really have a Gifted Child? Why sure! Here's how to Care for an Officially Gifted Southern Child!
  • Why can't men pass wind quietly? See what my research turned up: Silence of the Men!

  • Evils of Housework

  • Late October is the season for frightening things, just like my House of Horrors!
  • Worry no more! I have Quick and Easy Housecleaning Tips

  • Pregnancy and Beyond

  • Pregnancy ain't near as bad as everyone says. Read what Southern Angel says the 4th time around in her pregnancy journal: Countdown to Delivery: Angel's Story!
  • I overheard several men discussing intimate relations with a new dad and it seems that the new mom was showing some Postpartum Prudence.
  • School Time Crazies

  • My daughter had her first dance - I had my first dance (as a chaperone). Read all the rules my Dancing Queen made for me.
  • There's something all moms dread: The First Day of School, so grab a tissue and read on about mine!
  • Who are you going with? Do you remember who you went with in middle school? Read about who's going with whom and where and what in: Young Love. Oy. I really have to go now.

  • Little Lessons for Us All

  • Watching a Killdeer bird distract us from her nest, I noted this behavior was the perfect example of parents in Natural Instinct.
  • Cell phones can distract a driver, yes, but we moms have many MANY more things that make us Driven to Distraction!!
  • My kids are driving me CRAZY! Yours too? Well then come join me in a Manic Mom Pity Party!
  • Mother's Day is a nice holiday, but it isn't quite one of those cushy weekday government holidays, so what exactly are the Merits of Mother's Day?
  • Chocolate? Flowers? A bath (alone)? What Do I Want for Mother's Day?
  • How could my family's Word of the Week be so embarrassing? Well, I learned that You Reap What You Sow
  • Body hair has prompted my poetic side in "The Pits"!
  • Pity parties don't get you anywhere, most of the time as I found out in: As I Lay Pouting.
  • Moms from all over share their hearts in: Mommy Moments
  • In every mom's life, there are times when we worry, and what's most comforting is that we're In His Hands
  • When you're trying to sell your house, there are a ton of things to put on your to-do list, and when you're pregnant that list triples. Check out our old house's Selling Points!
  • "I'm driving." Those two words - when uttered by my then 16 year-old son Josh - set off a stink similar to a Second Civil War. Read on in Driving Miss Crazy.
  • With the numerous school shootings, the ever-watching and opinionated public is screaming, "More gun control!" Others scream back, "Where were the parents?" I want to know why there isn't Kid Control.

  • Parenting Parodies

  • Traveling with kids not only gives you a headache from all the arguing, but there's the constant whining for bathroom breaks. Just "Let Him Pee", I say!
  • Moms! Dads! Sing along with me and beg the younguns to "Let Me Be"!
  • In this world, there are many things that offend me, so sing along to "My Offensive Things"!

  • Kids and Sports

  • My oldest son is playing tackle football for the first time. In my opinion, it's all Unnecessary Roughness.
  • Hoo boy, I'm out of my league - the youth football league, that is. What exactly makes these football coaches so mean? Read more in All Hail the Fierce Football Coach!
  • Are the kids on your child's playing field bullying him? Give him these fun Soccer Kid Comebacks!
  • In the fall of 1997, my oldest child and only daughter Ashley had her first soccer game and I worried because she was The Tender Gender. Little did I know we'd both become raging soccer maniacs.
  • Boys love football and girls love football players;to see the defensive strategies that only 10- and 11-year-old boys can come up with are explained in Pass Interceptions piece!

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